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Cancun Restaurant Guide
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Local Favorite
There are literally hundreds and hundreds of restaurants in Cancun to choose from, catering for every taste and every budget. All the big name franchises are here, especially in the Hotel Zone, however there are loads of great independent restaurants serving excellent seafood and traditional Mexican cuisine all over Cancun, you just have to know where to go. Don't be scared to eat where the locals eat, if they are there you are not going to get sick! In this guide I am going to include some of the franchise restaurants of Cancun, however these can be easily spotted on the hotel zone, so the main focus of this dining guide is to tell you about the “real restaurants” of Cancun, from the best Tacos de Pastor to the most delicious you have ever tasted, it’s all here in the “Cancun restaurant guide” for the more adventurous diner! Look out for the Sombrero                  to see where the locals go.
Cancun Restaurant Guide - Includes Local Restaurants, see where the locals eat!
Cancun Restaurant Guide - Includes Local Restaurants, see where the locals eat!
El Cejas
Mercado 28

Located in Market 28 in downtown Cancun, this is another favorite with locals and Mexican tourists. El Cejas has been around for as long as Cancun and has a busy bustling atmosphere, fast friendly service and great seafood, watch out though the salsa's here are spicier than in the hotel zone, so go easy unless you like it hot! Price wise it's good and the food is always freshly prepared. Stop by if you want to experience a more local environment in Downtown Cancun.

Lorenzillo's (883-1254)
Blvd. Kulkucan km 10.5

Lorenzillo's is firm favorite with tourists and locals alike. The restaurant itself is beautiful, set beside the calm water of the Mexican Caribbean and the food is amazing. Lobster is the specialty, caught from their very own lobster farm and served fresh to your table. The menu ranges from steak to seafood and fish to salads, and their decadent desserts are out of this world. Perfect for a romantic meal or a family dinner. Not to missed!
Fish Fritanga
Blvd Kulkucan (opposite the police station)

Fish Fritanga is a little outdoor restaurant in the hotel zone opposite the police station, overlooking the lagoon and where the Jungle Tour leaves from. The favorite here is the shark empanadas with an ice cold beer, and the Ceviche is amazing! This is a restaurant for the daytime, a lunchtime snack, not really an evening place. Nevertheless Fish fritanga is probably the best priced food in the Hotel Zone.
Shrimp Bucket (849-7339)
Hotel Zone

The shrimp at Shrimp Bucket are HUGE! They are all wild shrimp caught in the Mexican Pacific and have a better flavor than farm raised. The main reason for going is the shrimp, however, they do serve a variety of other food such as, succulent steaks and fish. The price is pretty good and the restaurant has a casual friendly atmosphere and excellent service. Located in the Hotel Zone overlooking the Nichupte Lagoon.
La Parilla (287-8118)
#51 Ave. Yaxchilan

This Downtown restaurant has been serving authentic Mexican cuisine for 30 years. It does get crowded most nights of the week, but this adds to the atmosphere, coupled with the local "roving" Mariachi bands. Great food great atmosphere and reasonable prices, experience the real Mexico!
Perico's (884-0415)
#61 Ave. Yaxchilan

Pericos is another long standing restaurant with 28 years of experience serving excellent quality Mexican delights! Located in Downtown, this bustling restaurant not only offers delicious food, but the service is great as well. The décor is charming and the drinks flow freely. A great place to dine for all the family.
La Casa del las Margaritas (883-3222)
Plaza La Isla

This beautiful restaurant, located on the hotel zone, offers a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional cuisine. The décor is based around the many traditions of Mexico and is worth the visit alone. They have many great shows, tequila tasting, traditional dancing and more. Really a fun atmosphere and highly recommended.
Tacos Rigo
Ave. Kabah

Tacos Rigo is about as local as you can get! This place gets packed on Sundays with local families drinking beer and eating the huge variety of Tacos. It's not fancy at all, but it’s a tradition in Cancun. If you want the real Mexico, then stop by for a few tacos, don't expect fine dining but you will leave satisfied and the service is rapid!!
Barbacoa at the Bullring

Barbacoa is the softest tenderest lamb you can imagine, at the bullring in Cancun downtown, there is a little restaurant specializing in this delicious meat. Whether you watch a bullfight or not you should stop by to try this Mexican staple dish. Start with a soup made of the meat juice, then move on to the tacos! Cheap and cheerful.
La Dolce Vita (884-3393)
Ave. Coba 87

La Dolce Vita is Cancun's premier Italian restaurant. Clients come for both the amazing view and atmosphere coupled with truly delicious, authentic Italian cuisine. This is an award winning restaurant both for the food and the high quality service. If you're in the mood for Italian, then stop by La Dolce Vita. Reservation required.
Casa Rolandi (883-1817)
Ave Coba

One of Cancun's most established restaurants and consistently voted number 1 by locals Rolandi's  specializes in pizza, although they do feature pasta and seafood dishes. You can't come to Cancun and not go to Rolandi's, it's a tradition.
La Madonna
Plaza la Isla

Located in La Isla shopping village, La Madonna will never cease to amaze and delight your senses with their Italian cuisine with a twist! The decor creates a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere and the service of the staff is second to none. The perfect setting for a romantic dinner.
Argentinian / Steaks
Puerto Madero (885-2829)
Blvd Kukulcan km 14.1

Puerto Madero is something special. Fine food, fine wine and even finer service, this stunning Argentinean restaurant sets itself apart from the crowd. Located on the Hotel Zone with stunning views of the Lagoon, you can lose yourself in a haze of exquisite red wine and the most succulent steak you have ever tasted. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. A favorite with tourists and wealthy Mexicans alike.
Viva La Vaca (883-4738)
Blvd Kukulcan km 8.5

Viva la Vaca is located in the heart of the Cancun Hotel Zone and is rated as one of the best places for Steak in the whole city. Many of them are so big, it looks like you've got half a cow on your plate! The flavor is delicious though. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is pretty casual and laid back. If you are in the area and hungry, then pop in, you won't be disappointed.
La Farolla Argentina
Yaxchilan ave.

La Farolla Argentina is a must stop if you are a fully fledged carnivore. It is located on Yaxchilan Ave. in the heart of Downtown and serves a whole host of tempting steaks and poultry straight from their grill. It is a small cozy restaurant with plenty of atmosphere and a great place for an evening meal with friends.
Rio Churrascaria (Brazilian) (849-9040)
Blvd. Kukulcan km 3.5

This is bar far the best steak restaurant in Cancun, it looks a little unimpressive from outside but believe me you won't be disappointed. It's a typical Brazilian place where the waiters keep coming with many different meats from cow to crocodile, until you say stop!! Please if you only leave the hotel to eat once, make sure it is to the Rio!
La Casa del Bagel (884-0102)
Ave. Labna #43

Now this place is pure quality, and my personal favorite. The standard and quality of the food here is 5 stars. They serve a huge variety of Bagels, salads and their milkshakes are to die for! Try the tequila salmon bagel, accompanied by any of their salads; you are not going to be disappointed. I can't say enough good things about this place!
La Creperia/Pasteleria
Ave. Coba, Downtown

La Creperia / La Pasteleria is one of downtowns hidden treasures. Located close to Walmart on Coba, this restaurant is a firm favorite with the locals. They serve wonderful breakfasts, lunches, a variety of French pastries and cakes, and of course amazing crepes! The price is right and the service and presentation of the food is A1. Highly recommended by all who have had the joy to eat here.
100% Natural (898-1000)
Plaza Kukulcan

100% natural is a large franchise restaurant, serving healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are a vegetarian then this is the perfect place for you. Good service, reasonable prices and a good healthy option to make yourself feel better after a night out on the town!
Jin An Chinese Cuisine (885-3087)
Blvd. Kukulcan km. 14.6

Located in the hotel zone and based around the principles of Feng Shui, Jin an offers a healthy and exotic menu, well thought out and the presentation of the dishes is beautiful. If you enjoy Chinese food then this restaurant is a must visit while on your Cancun Vacation. Reasonably priced and a fun casual atmosphere.
Sushi Akky (892-8022)
Ave. Xcaret Sm36

Sushi Akky is a little sushi place located on Coba ave in Downtown. Nothing fancy here, just great food, good selection of drinks. It's perfect for an inexpensive Japanese meal while you are out and about exploring downtown Cancun.
Sushi Ken (892-2332)
Plaza las Palmas

Sushi Ken is a small downtown Sushi place, nothing to fancy, yet the food (if you like Sushi) is great. The price is also a plus feature and the service is outstanding. I believe they also do delivery. If you in or around downtown and don't want to spend a fortune then Sushi Ken is a great Choice.
Mikado (881-2000)
Hotel Marriot Kukulcan km. 14

Mikado is not only a restaurant it’s a show! The Tepanyaki Chefs cook right at your table and put on a great performance. The menu features Thai as well as Japanese specialties. We recommend booking a reservation, and come hungry so you can enjoy the huge variety of amazing cuisine on offer!
Benedetti's Pizza (884-5000) / Domino's Pizza (884-7512) / El Tacolote (887-3045) / Pizza Hut (887-3838) 

Sushi Ken
(892-2330) / Sushimania (884-9080) / Mama Roma (887-8217) / La Parilla (887-6141)
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