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Quintana Roo Vacation Guide
Quintana Roo is the Mexican stat that includes the whole of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This area is rich in natural attractions and there is always plenty of things to do. It really is a vacationer’s paradise, from the bright lights of Cancun, to the chic beach clubs of Playa del Carmen and beyond to the virgin beaches of Tulum. Take a look at all the information we have provided for you so you can plan the best vacation you have ever had.
Quintana Roo Destinations
Before being developed, Cancun, was in effect miles of white sand beaches, palm trees and ancient Mayan ruins. There was no infrastructure or many people for that matter! Cancun is a still a very young city, although needless to say a fast developing one. The original development of Cancun only started in 1970 and was officially made a city in 1972. During the 80's there was a real boom period and hotels sprang up along the Barrier Island, which is just off the mainland and connected by 2 bridges.....read more
Cancun Guide
Playa del Carmen Guide
Playa del Carmen, remains today, basically one long beachside street, called Quinta Avenida, or 5th Avenue. This is where the all the trendy boutique hotels, independent chic restaurants and "hip" bars are located. Playa has a distinctly European feel, and is a lot more "fashionable" than its brother Cancun. Here, bohemian bars with hammocks and sofa's are the game of the day, with top name European DJ's playing the nights away...read more
There is evidence that the ancient Maya visited Isla Mujeres, however historians suspect it was only on pilgrimages and that the Maya never actually lived there. It must have been of some surprise for Francisco Hernandez Cordova when he landed here, in 1517, to find the beaches covered with figurines of women, hence this tropical paradise became known as Isla Mujeres, which translates to Island of Women. Before tourists began to arrive in the 1950’s other occupants included pirates in the 17th century...read more
Isla Mujeres Guide
Getting to Cozumel is fun in itself and your fist taste of Island adventure. After you arrive at Cancun International Airport (cun) there are a few options.
One is to take a ferry from Puerto Juarez, north Cancun, to Isla Mujeres, then here to Cozumel. Alternatively, and probably the easiest, is to Go from either Playa del Carmen or take the Car ferry from Puerto Morelos...read more
Cozumel Guide
Riviera Maya Guide
Tulum Guide
Holbox Guide
The first town you will come across is the quaint fishing village of Puerto Morelos. Located 20km from the airport it is the oldest fishing village on this coast. Life here is slow, the town centre has a friendly laid back atmosphere and the hotels, in the main are small boutique style accommodations. Some excellent seafood is to be had here and there is also a great Thai restaurant. Charming and uncomplicated sums up life in Puerto Morelos...read more
Approximately 2 hours drive from Cancun lies the small, yet ever growing town of Tulum, nestled beside the Caribbean ocean and a veritable paradise on earth. Tulum has three main attractive facets going for it. Firstly the small Pueblo inhabited by locals and frequented by tourists searching for the real Mexico. Next is the “Hotel Zone”, powdery white beach, boutique hotels, casitas and cabanas is what it’s all about here...read more
Located off the Northern coast of the Yucatán peninsula Holbox is one of the few remaining secrets north of Cancun. A small island paradise, only 12km long and 1.5 km wide, Holbox epitomizes everything an Island vacation should be: unspoilt deserted beaches, an abundance of flora and fauna and pure undisturbed relaxation...read more
playa del carmen guide
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