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Cancun Vacation Guide
Before being developed, Cancun, was in effect miles of white sandy beaches, palm trees and ancient Mayan ruins. There was no infrastructure or many people for that matter! Cancun is a still a very young city, although needless to say a fast developing one. The original development of Cancun only started in 1970 and was officially made a city in 1972.
Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Approximatley 600,000 residents.

Average Temperature:
Between 26C and 36C (78.8F and 96.8F) all year round!

0-10 msl

Time Zone:
UTC - 6
About Cancun
During the 80's there was a real boom period and hotels sprang up along the Barrier Island, which is just off the mainland and connected by 2 bridges. This area is known as the "Hotel Zone" and it is where the majority of tourists will stay while on their vacation in Cancun and home to many of the restaurants and nightlife.
Nowadays, over 4 million people come on Cancun vacation packages each year! The international airport handles approximately 190 flights each day. It's a busy tourist destination, with hotels for all budgets, ranging from economical, to all inclusive resorts and 5 star luxury hotels and villas. Most people, who come on vacation to Cancun, spend most of their time relaxing on the powdery white sandy beaches and enjoying the endless array of clubs and bars in the evening. However for the more adventurous tourist there are literally hundreds of activities to enjoy, such as Jet ski's, diving, Zip line tours, jungle tours, Mayan ruins, deserted beaches, local restaurants, deep sea fishing, bull fights, markets and many more Cancun tourist attractions.
Cancun really took a beating during Hurricane Wilma, I was here and know first hand how the whole city was destroyed, however, the beaches have returned to normal, hotels may have changed names, but they are all renovated. You have to look pretty hard to see any evidence that there was ever a Hurricane here, and Cancun is, once more, an idyllic location for a vacation.

People come to Cancun, to feel the warm Caribbean sun on there backs, sip a cool cocktail, relax, unwind and let the crystal clear waters of the Mexican Caribbean wash away the stress of modern life.

Dine on fresh seafood, drink an ice cold Sol or Corona and ENJOY!

I hope this gives you an insight into what to expect on you Cancun Vacations. Questions comments please contact us we will be glad to help.
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